Reducing risk

Understanding HIV

A brief synopsis of HIV and the growing numbers of infections around the world.

HIV Facts and Fiction

Much of what we hear about HIV comes from friends, family, and the media. Here we separate fact from fiction.

How HIV is spread

Learn the risk factors of the most popular sexual activities. They may surprise you.

Preventing HIV

Find out how you can protect yourself and others from HIV.

Prevention Resources

There are people and organizations out there who can help you in the prevention of HIV infection. Many are just a click or phone call away.

Community-based HIV/AIDS service organizations

What they are and how they can help.

Quick tips

The time to talk about condom use is BEFORE things get hot and heavy, because once you get going, it can be hard to slow down.
HIV facts

People with HIV can look and feel well. A person with HIV can stay feeling healthy for a long time, especially if diagnosed early and treated promptly as the need arises.