Information on Massage Therapies and Their Benefits

By nature of the skin-to-skin contact, all massage types are sensual. Massage therapy helps in relaxing muscles, enhancing circulation, relieving pain, and stimulating the nerves. Massage therapy also has an emotional component. Adult massages are a way of bringing you and your partner closer through touch. They assist in breaking the ice, de-stressing, and stimulating your partner. Erotic massage is a unique kind of massage therapy that uses the naked body to boost or achieve sexual stimulation. Here are types of massages you should know about:

Traditional massage
It is also known as Swedish massage. The traditional massage is the most basic form of massage therapy. The therapist uses his or her hands, feet and fingers to carry out the massage. A traditional massage encompasses five basic strokes, which are used in sequence on each body part to relax muscles, stimulate the skin, enhance joint mobility, and improve circulation. The therapy room is mostly private with calming music playing in the background.

Tantric massage
It is an Indian-based technique that focuses on chakra centers of the body. Therapists use strokes and pressure to stimulate body centers during the session. Additionally, therapists also include meditation as part of the session. Tantric massage is also known as erotic massage. The primary objectives of tantric massage are spiritual and sensual and not sexual. Erotic massage entails a variety of massage styles that focus on soft caressing and deep breathing of genital regions and highly erogenous zones such as lower abdomen, upper thighs, and hips. You will have to lie on your back during the session, rather than being on your stomach. However, note that undergoing an erotic massage does not necessarily mean that you will be doing a sexual activity.

Full body massage
Most massage therapies tend to leave out body parts such as hands, scalp, and arms. A full body massage ensures that you are caressed and massaged all your body parts and stimulate body areas usually not touched in an erotic way. It increases flexibility and reduces back pain.

Benefits of full-body massage

Fighting Fibromyalgia symptoms
Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition commonly characterized by tenderness, muscle pain, and fatigue. Symptoms are brought by lack of sleep or stress. Full body massage not only relieves stress and alleviates muscle pain but also treats fibromyalgia.

Easing surgical effects
Postsurgical rehabilitation is an important aspect of undergoing any form of surgery. Massage helps patients to get back on their feet by relaxing muscles, increasing circulation and enhancing joint flexibility and movement. Massage also promotes tissue regeneration and reduces swelling and postsurgical adhesions.

Improving mood
It is no secret that massage makes you feel good mentally. It treats depression and anxiety. Massage increases the feel-good hormones, which explains why it improves mood. Additionally, it lowers blood pressure. You can learn more at, which has additional information and resources available.

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