6 Types of Erotic Massage to Enjoy With Your Partner

Erotic massage aims at relieving stress and releasing tension within the body, and ultimately enhancing his or her well-being. However, erotic massages don’t necessarily have the ultimate goal of arousing a person. They enable the individual to focus on pleasurable sensations and bring couples together. You can always learn more at the Allure Massage website. Here are types of erotic massage you can try out.

1. Duo or four hands massage

It entails two individuals who spend luxurious time giving the receiver a body massage. The masseuse rubs massage oil on his or her body as well as the receiver’s. It usually leads to body to body massages. A duo massage can be an overwhelming visual encounter for the receiver because they have to look at two individuals massage their body.

2. Body to body massage

It is also known as a nuru massage. Here, the masseuse takes off all his or her clothes then places massage oil on their body as well as the client’s. Notably, the massage oil used for this type does not have odor or taste. Nuru is Japanese word for slippery. Nuru adult massage sometimes leads to sexual intercourse depending on the individual. That is because the masseuse rubs his or her body on the customer’s body.

3. Lingam massage

It is also known as penis massage. It includes testicles, the shaft, external prostate, and perineum. Lingam massage means wand of light, which refers to the male penis. The objective of this erotic massage is to enjoy the full effects of a genital massage, even if the man does not ejaculate. The masseuse honors the stimulation and natural sensations of the penis through this adult massage.

4. Yoni massage

Also known as vagina massage, the yoni massage entails honoring and loving the natural stimulating of the vagina by massaging it. It is important to begin a yoni massage in a full relaxation space to ensure that you feel and accept the pleasure you get. The goal of yoni massage is to ensure that the giver enjoys the massage and building trust and respect within the relationship. Its objective is for the people to enjoy the process. Women use the vagina massage to relieve sexual pain and release sexual health problems such as anorgasmia.

5. Tantric massage

It has an Indian origin, and it includes sex therapy and yoga. Tantric massage entails the concentration of spirituality and sexual awareness between the receiver and the giver. The receiver is required to focus on their personal well-being needs being fulfilled and the experiences. It is all about following relaxation feelings.

6. Soapy massage

It entails two people who stand in a shower, and either one individual or the two have to be naked. It aims at cleaning them for sex purposes or further massage. The giver rubs soap within their hands onto the receiver’s body.

Erotic massage can be used as your foreplay. You can also incorporate it into your lovemaking process. Adult massages bring partners closer through touch.

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