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Maybe you have just tested positive for HIV… want to get tested but are afraid…. or just want more information about HIV. Whatever your reason for finding us, the One Life Resource Centre is here to help you separate fact from fiction and direct you to useful HIV information, programs and resources.

Bristol-Myers Squibb – Donates to Help Fight HIV in Canada
In keeping with our commitment and in recognition of all of those who “Spread the Word” by sharing the LUVU2 video with someone, Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada will donate $10,000 to charity and fundraising organisations to help further the fight against HIV/AIDS in Canada.

Accordingly, BMS is pleased to donate $2,400 to the FARHA Foundation of Quebec and $7,600 to the Canadian Aids Society. This will benefit as many worthy organisations and people as possible, through their association with these champions in the fight of HIV/AIDS across the country.

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eyebrow extensions Rectifeye Eyebrow Extensions Are Wonderful For Cancer Patients

July 30, 2015

For many women that experience the effects of chemotherapy during cancer treatments, eyebrow extensions can make a welcome asset to the look of their face. Since this can make a huge difference in the cosmetic value of their facial expressions, this can make a wonderful asset to their looks in order to face the world when they are recuperating from their cancer treatments.

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September 2, 2014

The relationships in our lives, both romantic or otherwise, truly help to mold us. They impact our thoughts, feelings, and actions, and, depending on the situation, can be a source of comfort or angst. When a relationship is over, it can cause a lot of stress in a person’s life and requires the ability to adapt to new situations. Ask for expert at www.briancollinson.ca

hiv-virus Why should I get tested for HIV?

August 26, 2009

Because knowledge means power. This is a case of “what you don’t know CAN hurt you”…and others. Finding out sooner means taking control sooner. Early detection can mean taking action sooner. It can also mean more available treatment options for you. Remember: having HIV does not necessarily mean you will get sick right away, and […]